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    Forged steel welded globe valve
    Model : J61H
    Caliber :DN15-50
    Medium : Water, oil, steam, etc.
    Pressure : 150LB-1500LB
    Applicable Temperature : -29~425℃
    Applicable Industries : Urban construction, chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection
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    Features and structure of forged steel welded globe valve:

    Compared with the gate valve, the globe valve has a simpler structure, and is more convenient to manufacture and maintain; the sealing surface is not easy to wear, scratch, and has better sealing performance and longer life; when opening and closing, the disc stroke is smaller, and the opening and closing time is shorter .

    Application scope:

    1、The design and manufacture of globe valve products conform to the requirements of advanced foreign standards such as American standard ASME B16.34 and British BS1873.

    2、The shape of the valve body is barrel-shaped or streamlined and beautiful. The circulation shape is straight-through. The fluid resistance is small.

    3、The sealing surface of the closing piece (brake) and the valve seat adopts conical sealing, with small closing force, erosion resistance and reliable sealing.

    4、The valve seat can be a replaceable valve seat, which can be arbitrarily combined with the material of the closing sealing surface to meet the requirements of working conditions and prolong the service life.

    5、Large-caliber, high-pressure stop valve adopts lifting rod according to the requirement of closing force.It is also equipped with rolling bearing type and impact type handwheel to reduce closing force.

    6、The materials of the main body, internal parts, fillers, and fasteners can be reasonably combined according to user requirements or actual working conditions.

    Straight-through globe valve:

    The wellhead channel of the medium is in the same direction and is 180°. This form of shut-off valve makes the flow state less damaged than conventional shut-off valves, so the pressure loss through the valve is correspondingly reduced.

    Working principle:

    The closing principle of the globe valve is to rely on the pressure of the valve stem to make the sealing surface of the disc and the sealing surface of the valve seat closely fit to prevent the medium from flowing.


    Stable Operation / Thick Valve Body / Reliable Quality

    WNT Strength Manufacturing, Assured Quality, Factory Quality Inspection
    • Low noise and stable

    • Energy-saving energy

    • Running smoothly

    • Not easy to rust

    • Low failure rate

    • Machinery Seal


    Ingenuity Craftsmanship, Excellent Quality, Years Of Experience

    • Thickened Body

      Not easy to burst, good sealing, not easy to leak

    • Stable Performance

      Nearly 20 years of experience in the valve industry, reliable quality

    • Meticulous Workmanship

      Smooth and beautiful surface, stable structure

    • Strong Connection

      Strong connection, not easy to loosen

    Forged steel valves are mainly used in the pipelines of various systems in thermal power plants to cut off or connect pipeline media. Applicable medium: non-corrosive medium such as water and steam. Compared with other valve products, forged steel valves are characterized by high temperature and high pressure, unique self-sealing design, the higher the pressure, the more reliable the sealing. Due to the special performance, technical characteristics and working conditions, the product has also become a substitute for other products.

    The products adopt ISO, API, ANSI, BS, DIN, NF, JIS, JPI, GB, JB and other advanced domestic and foreign standards. The product diameter is 3/8"-2" (DN10mm-50mm), and the pressure rating is 150Lb- 2500Lb (0.1Mpa-42.0Mpa), working temperature is -196℃-680℃.
    • OIL






    Forged steel welded globe valve Order Description:
    1. ①Product name and model
    ②Nominal diameter
    ③Nominal pressure
    ④Use medium
    ⑤Connection method
    ⑥Using temperature
    ⑦Whether to bring accessories
    So that we can choose the right type for you

    2. If you have special requirements, please indicate when ordering the product

    3. If the model has been selected by the design unit, please order directly from our sales department according to the model.

    4. When the occasion of use is very important or the environment is more complicated, please provide the design drawing as much as possible.

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