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    SINCE 2007

    Focus On Forged Steel Valves



    Wenzhou Weinaite Valve Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture of Forged Steel Valves for specialized applications in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, electric power, military, water supply and other industries.

    Accredited with ISO9001 certification, WNT manufactures and supplies a wide range of Forged Steel Valves covering: Gate valves, Globe valves, Check valves, Ball Valves, Pressure sealed valves, Y-type strainers and so on.

    Material ranges from conventional Carbon steel or Stainless steel to special material like Alloy steel, Monel, No.20alloy etc. All of our products are designed, manufactured and tested strictly according to ISO, API, ANSI, BS, DIN, NF, JIS, JPI, GB, JB and other foreign advanced standards. We also produce the goods upon our customers’ requirements.

    Based on the principle of  "Integrity, Reliable, Professional", we are stepping into the world market with our quality valves. We’re looking forward to cooperating with your esteemed company and creating a brilliant future between us.

    Quqlification Honor

    The qualifications and honors obtained by the company are an affirmation of the company's past achievements and an encouragement and spur to the company to create tomorrow's brilliance!
    Striding to a new level is our tenacious struggle and never-ending belief!

    Based in China, To the world

    WNT forged steel products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, machinery, electric power, water supply and other industries
    Committed to strengthening and expanding the forged steel valve industry

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    Wenzhou Weinaite Valve CO.,LTD

    Address: 74 Industrial Zone, Longwan District Wenzhou, China

    Mr: Leo

    Tel: 86-0577-55889965

    Fax: 86-0577-86825598

    E-mail: wntvalves@163.com


    WhatsApp: 86+13757757748  

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